CACHE-ITN researchers:

Kati Michalek – The Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS) – Aquaculture 2015 – Montpellier

Cultivation of Blue Mussels (Mytilus spp.)

influenced by changing climates in northwes Europe

Jaison Arivalagan – Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) – Biomineralisation short course – Paris – 2014.

Biomineralisation in molluscs: adaption and shell repair

Trystan Sanders – University of Kiel (GEOMAR) – Marine Evolution under Climate Change – Sweden 2014.

Costs of calcification in bivalves related to changing habitat

The future of the Baltic Sea: Implications for mussel populations and distributions

Kirti Ramesh – University of Kiel (GEOMAR – Aquatic Sciences – Granada – Feb 2014.

Mechanisms of intracellular calcification in oyster hemocytes

Luca Telesca – University of Cambridge – Graduate students (MCR) Conference: ‘Caius for the Future’.

Natural variation in shell thickness and composition

Alex Ventura – University of Gothenburg – ASLO

Maintained larval growth in mussel larvae exposed to acidified under-saturated seawater