ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting February 2016

CACHE researcher Kirti Ramesh, explains how she and her colleagues will be co-chairing a session at the Ocean Sciences meeting next year:

“We are very excited to let you know about our session at the ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting (21-26 February 2016, New Orleans) entitled: ‘Calcification in a changing environment – Do mechanisms define vulnerability?’ This session is being organised by Trystan Sanders, Alex Ventura and me as early career scientists from the CACHE project, along with support from Pierre De Wit, who has done a lot of work on ocean acidification.

Our goal is to bring together researchers and communicate various aspects of the mechanistic ideas behind calcification, addressing the following questions:

  • What do we know about the mechanisms of calcification, particularly relating to intracellular vs. extracellular calcification?
  • How does climate change and ocean acidification impact calcification processes?
  • Do differences in calcification mechanisms employed by various organismal groups affect their vulnerability to environmental change?
  • What are the energetic costs involved in calcification at various life stages?
  • Can differences between populations help us better understand calcification mechanisms and vulnerability?

We are aiming to host an exciting session bringing together a wide range of research areas and ideas within the field of biomineralization and environmental change. We would be thrilled to see you and your colleagues there and strongly believe that your attendance at this session will provide the basis of exciting discussions. Abstracts can be submitted here:

Abstract submissions

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans next year! Best Wishes, Kirti Ramesh, Trystan Sanders and Alexander Ventura.”



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