David and the DNA Mark II

CACHE researcher, David Vendrami, does DNA again!

“August was very exciting! First of all, Elena, another undergraduate student, joined the team in the analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences. We went through the whole process together and we are all achieving great results. I’m really proud of us all!

Secondly, my microsatellites are working fine, but, because of all of these laboratory analyses we are running out of DNA samples! For these reason, I spent time to extract more DNA from the tissue we have stored in the freezer.

Finally, my colleague and I successfully moved the server we use for our analyses from our office (it was really loud sometimes…) to what I decided to call the ‘server room’, where all the servers of the university are stored. Visiting that room was an exciting experience: so many computers, so many cables, so many blinking lights, so many fans… and such a huge amount of memory: terabytes and terabytes! Soon I’ll buy a camera, I’ll take a shot and I’ll show it to you!”



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