Good news, bad news!

David Vendrami, CACHE Early Stage Researcher, continues his story from the University of Bielefeld:

“Let’s start with the bad news: as I have already mentioned in one of my previous blogs, ‘my colleague and I successfully moved the server we use for our analyses from our office (it was really loud sometimes…) to what I decided to call the ‘server room’… Well, unfortunately, the move was not so successful: we couldn’t connect to the server for the whole week, which means that I couldn’t analyze some of my data (exactly the ones that had to be processed as soon as possible). Hopefully we’ll fix it!

Good news: since I couldn’t work on the server, I had more time to deal with other things. I worked a lot in the lab, specifically I extracted more DNA from tissue samples, I kept on playing with my microsatellites and I prepared the reagents for some analysis that I’m going to perform soon. Then, I had the time to read some papers of course (you will never have nothing to do thanks to papers). Additionally, I could spend some time with the undergraduate students I’m training and take a look to the great job they did so far.

Finally, I want you to know that, I’m going to get a camera! So, maybe, starting next time you’ll have the opportunity to see some pictures.”


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