A summer of CACHE science

CACHE researcher Kirti Ramesh, has showcased her work over the summer of 2015 with CACHE through a short film:

Summer of Science

“My video starts against the landscape of Helgoland, where I spent one weekend this summer fossil hunting and shell collecting and quickly moves on to the other major aspects of my summer, including larval season. You can see mussels spawning in timelapse, how I collect gametes from oysters, our algal cultures that we use to feed mussels & oysters and also larvae dancing around under a microscope.

I am hoping that the video tells people what it is like being a marine scientist in Kiel, where I have enjoyed my first larval season to the fullest! I also hope it reveals what I have been learning on the mussel farm in Kiel and the lab work marine scientists can get involved in.”

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