Back after the CACHE AGM: to Bielefeld from Faro

David Vendrami gives and account of his time at the CACHE AGM and beyond: Back to Bielefeld from Faro: a compromise between excitement and coldness!

“I want to start this chapter with a very important notification: CACHE is awesome!!! Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve never doubted it, but… you know… I had never met my colleagues in person before the AGM in November, when all of us were in Faro, Portugal for the CACHE Annual Meeting, and I was wondering: ‘What does everyone look like?”; ‘What do they like doing during their free time?’, …basically ‘Who are these people?’. Well, the week we spent in Faro was simply amazing: great sunny warm weather, great food and, more important (I guess), excellent science and super cool people! And, this allows me to say, again, CACHE is awesome!

7. SCN0206

Me, David, (left) and Joe during some free time after the AGM in Faro!

I came back to Bielefeld busier than before, but extremely motivated to work hard, collaborate with my colleagues and do my best to help our cute and tasty shellfish friends to face the great challenge represented by ocean acidification. Currently I’m contacting some people in Europe (but also in Japan and British Columbia!) to enlarge my pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) dataset. I’m really excited because I have big expectations for the analysis of those samples: I think we may get some pretty cool results out of it! Of course, I’ll let you know. Additionally, on top of that, I’ve just sent a project proposal to one of our colleagues, asking for some ‘fancy tool’ to genotype (i.e. characterise the genetic composition of an organism) my pacific oysters.

So, in Bielefeld evertything is cool, but, if I can complain about something, I can tell you that the weather here is horrible: cold and often rainy and windy. Luckily, I have plenty of interesting stuff to do. Take care and see you next time!”

Me keeping warm backin Bielefeld!

Feeling rather chilly!


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