CACHE AGM 2015: Mission Accomplished!

Nadege Allan reflects on the CACHE AGM 2015:

“With the project well underway, it was time for our annual general meeting once again. Early Stage Researchers (ESR) and their supervisors, our partners, external reviewers, administrative staff, and our two new Experienced Researchers (ER) convened in Olhao, Portugal for an intensive three days of meetings, presentations and socialising. This years’ meeting was a very friendly one because a lot of us knew each other already quite well from meetings, courses and collaborations over the past year. It was also a very important meeting because delegates from Marie Curie and the European Commission were present to review the status of the CACHE project. They were quite impressed with our progress. I think a lot of this is a direct result of hard work by the whole team, which really showed the advantage of working in a network. At the ESR level, I think it reflected the ease with which we came together as a group, making the exchange of knowledge and skills a generally pleasant experience.

4. AGM1

Discussing ongoing and future projects.

This year’s meeting was largely focused on presenting the progress of the project, but there was also time for science. The ESRs and ERs each gave a ten minute presentation on their work so far and it was really nice to hear what everyone has been up to since the last time we met. We also heard from our new ESR David and our new ERs James and Yan, who all make great additions to the team and I think we all got along really well.

Quality mentor-mentee time (Gauthier shares his scarf with me!).

Quality mentor-mentee time (Gauthier shares his scarf with me on a chilly night!).


We ended the week with a trip to Farol Island and its lighthouse. We went for a swim, climbed all 220 steps of the lighthouse and watched the sunset together. Mission accomplished!”

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