Clarence and Clemmie: back in the UK!

“Well, we’re back safe and sound! After a long journey home from Antarctica. We travelled out of Rothera Research base on the ship, the RRS Ernest Shackleton to get to the Falkland Islands, then a Ministry of Defence flight from Mount Pleasance airfield in the Falklands to RAF Brize Norton, then a mini-bus to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). It sounds a long way and it felt even longer, around 10 days in total with a few days in the Falklands between the ship and the plane. Do not worry, Dr Mel kept us safe and made sure we were carried on as cabin luggage!


C&C and BAS bag

Here we are back at BAS with our luggage!

After our journey back to the UK, we eventually arrived back at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) headquarters in Cambridge. We were extremely tired, as we didn’t seem to get much sleep travelling. As you can see from the picture below, we had large bags to unpack… can only imagine the amount of washing!

We learned so much while we were in Antarctica and Dr Mel really looked after us, as did all the other amazing scientists that we met while we were there.

We’d like to thank Dr Mel and everyone at Rothera for a truly amazing time and to our Antarctic cousins mollusc Laternula elliptica (burrowing clam) – we don’t know how you manage to live in such an extreme environment! We take our hats off to you!

Talking of hats, we were very glad we had ours! As you can see from the picture, they are rather fetching.  Once we’d recovered from our travels we soon started helping out in the BAS office. It was very important that we quality-checked our own pictures and approved them for use at the CACHE AGM!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Quality checking our pictures and sporting our hats!






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