Gumbo, Jazz and Calcification: Ocean Sciences meeting New Orleans

CACHE researcher, Trystan Sanders, gives his account from attending the Ocean Sciences Meeting:

“Last week I, and some colleagues, attended the Ocean Sciences meeting in New Orleans. This is a huge conference (over 4,000 people) held annually where scientists from many different fields meet, discuss their research and set up collaborations. Kirti Ramesh and I, along with others, hosted a session on calcification mechanisms in a changing environment (sound familiar?). Our session contained 24 oral presentations and over 25 poster presentations spread throughout the entire day. We had talks given by Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) Nadège Zaghdoudi and Kirti Ramesh, also Alex Ventura and I presented posters on our recent research. We also had various talks on coral reef physiology, ecology and dissolution chemistry. Considering our session started at 8 am on Monday morning, our room was filled to capacity for pretty much the whole day! Over 180 people crammed into our tiny room to listen to current research in the field of calcification; it was great!

3. Trystan and Kirti

Kirti and I preparing for the start of the session

This session also gave us a good chance to talk about the CACHE project and it received great interest from loads of people. In addition to our work, we had some good discussions with two post-docs (Francis Pan and Christina Frieder) from Donal Manahan’s group at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles about their work with larval oysters. They do some very interesting work on energy budgets and larval shell growth/dissolution using radioisotopes, so if you are interested you should check that out!

3 Nadege

Nadege talking about her work on the Mytilus mantle transcriptome.

From a less scientific perspective, New Orleans is an amazing city. The people are so helpful and friendly, the music scene is awesome and bands play every night so you’re spoilt for choice. Last but not least the seafood is incredible. Here are some examples: raw oysters with home-made hot sauce, spicy crawfish, alligator balls, shrimp gumbo, oyster po-boys, grilled oysters with garlic and so much more! Definitely some recipes to try out now that we’re home!”

3. Nadege and Trystan


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