National aquaculture event

CACHE researcher, Kirsikka Sillanpaa gives a short report on her attendance at a recent event:


“Recently, I attended the Swedish Vattenbrukskonferensen, a national conference about aquaculture activities. There were interesting talks both from the academy and private actors, both organizations and entrepreneurs. Lots of focus was also put on the mussel farming in Sweden, and how it could be improved. We also got to enjoy the fruits of that in practice as we were treated to delicious fried mussels by Musselbaren, a company providing both mussels and the experience of visiting the farm and picking the mussels yourself.


4.2016-03-17 17.32.51


I also presented a poster at the meeting, both about the projects I’ve been working with, and little about CACHE in general.”


4.2016-03-17 18.03.48

Kirsikka with her poster.


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