Welcome to CACHE Phoebe!

We’d like to welcome Phoebe Stewart-Sinclair to the CACHE project. Phoebe has been recruited as an Experienced Researcher and is based in Scotland with The Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS):


1.Tell us about the research you’ll be doing for CACHE.

I will be investigating the impacts of climate change on aquaculture, with a focus on aquaculture involving calcifying organisms. I will be putting together a synthesis of research from all CACHE partners and placing it into the wider context of the likely effects of climate change on aquaculture within the UK and Europe. Furthermore, I will be investigating methods for incorporating new data into models that will help to make predictions on the likely direction of the aquaculture industry in the next century.

2. What were you doing before you joined CACHE?

Before CACHE, I was lecturing on undergraduate courses in Marine Studies and Environmental Management in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. My research focused on the population biology of New Zealand sea lions (Phocarctos hookeri). Specifically, I was interested in the long term diet of this declining species, and how this could be related to nutritional stress, potentially as a result of commercial fishing operations. Prior to that I worked at AgResearch, which as the name suggests, is an agricultural research institute. There I worked on forage plant breeding projects where we investigated potential adaptation to climate change. At Massey University I also worked on nest site selection and breeding ecology in New Zealand falcons (Falco novaeseelandiae), and related this to commercial forestry operations in a Pinus sp. plantation.

3. Which is your favourite to eat clams, oysters, scallops or mussels? What’s your traditional way of eating them? (e.g. natural, with lemon, garlic or butter, etc?)

Uh oh. While the Whitianga Scallop Festival is one of my favourites back home, I go for the wine and the music and do not eat seafood. My favourite way to interact with shellfish is in the ocean, I like to film scallops swimming – if anyone reading this has not seen this then they need to google it right now!

4. What’s the thing that you are most looking forward to with CACHE?

I am most looking forward to meeting all the other CACHE partners and collaborating with world-class researchers from all over the world. I am also very excited about the project – so much so that I relocated from further away than space! I am very passionate about finding realistic solutions to deal with climate change, not just sitting back and documenting it. So I am very much looking forward to being a part of the solution.

5. What interests and hobbies do you enjoy when you are not being a scientist?

When I am not being a scientist I am usually hiking with my dog. Or kayaking. Or surfing. Or SCUBA diving. When it’s terrible weather, which is a new experience I am dealing with since moving to Scotland, I like to read and hunt down new music. I also like landscape photography, including photographing my dog.


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