Clarence and Clemmie in Yorkshire

Another installment by the intrepid adventure clams, Clarence and Clemmie:

“Well after the excitement of our prolonged ambassadorial role in Portugal, we really felt we wanted to come home to Cambridge for a while and visit Nina. So we managed to hitch a lift with Professor Deborah when she went to meet up with Dr Mel, who was on holiday in Yorkshire. So we got a holiday too!

Dream City 1996 Sir Anthony Caro

“Dr Mel was very keen on the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – in fact, so much so, she went to visit twice! This is a huge country park, which has lots of amazing sculptures in it, so you can admire fantastic works of art and go for beautiful country walks at the same time (and finish with the obligatory cup of tea and cake afterwards). Unfortunately, Dr Mel forgot to take her good camera with her and only had an old mobile phone for taking photos (when will this woman upgrade and join the 21st Century?). But you can see us by one of the sculptures. The YSP also had a shell grotto, which we absolutely had to visit! It is called this because it was made from stones which had fossilised shells in them and when they cut the rocks to make the grotto, some of the shells were exposed.

The walk

So we spent a nice week in Yorkshire doing lots of cultural things like the Hepworth Museum  and the Huddersfield Art Gallery, both highly recommended and also going for the odd country walk. OK, so we didn’t actually do the walking, Dr Mel did. We just had a comfortable ride in her rucksack and got taken out every so often to see the views, and for photo opportunities. But now we are back in Cambridge and looking forward to new adventures in the world of shell science!

Ps. Dr Mel has now decided that maybe she needs a proper 2016 phone, so the pictures will be better next time?”



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